The Ultimate Guide to Growing Herbs at Home

Dry herbs are great. They are convenient, cheap and you can find some in every supermarket. But there comes a time when you simply want a sprig of fresh rosemary or thyme to put on the juicy piece of lemon chicken to truly liven it up. The problem is, these herbs do not store too well in the fridge. If you are thinking of building your own herb garden, here’s what you will need.

  • Pick the spot: The most important things when it comes to growing herbs is drainage, with sufficient sunlight. If the soil cannot drain properly, your precious herbs will drown and rot. Get pots with drainage reservoir and a spot with at least a few hours of sunlight.
  • Pick the plant: Based on the level of care it needs, select plants you can work with. Herbs take watering every day, preferably in the evening. The soil quality can vary from very coarse to a light compost. Do some research into the herbs that suits your need. Plants like Salvia only produce a few viable seeds and grows about a meter high, which may not be perfect for apartments. This is where I buy my Salvia from traders because it’s much more challenging to grow.
  • Prep the soil: For proper development of plants, prepping the soil is necessary. Over time, the soil will grow tight around the roots and become dense. You have to do a bit of maintenance by using garden forks or other tools by loosening the soil. Doing so allows proper drainage.
  • Watering: Herbs need the right level of water present in the soil. It should be dry to the touch for the top couple of inches. Be wary of environmental humidity, rain and temperature and adjust accordingly.
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