Top 10 Wireless Home Network Security Secrets

We often use the wireless network for internet usage of the whole family. There are many options to choose from based on the usage but if not chosen correctly you can threaten your family’s security. Here are some tips you can use to keep your wireless network secured.

1) Administrator password: Change the default administrator password and set it to some other strong password that will be difficult for anyone else to guess.

2) Use the encryption: All wireless networks come with an encryption option that jumbles up the message so that no other human can read the text sent using the wireless network; enable it on your network.

3) Default SSID: The routers and access points come with a default SSID that the manufacturers set. Changing it is a precaution, though no one will be able to trespass your network with SSID, it is a beginning.

4) Mac address: Every WiFi comes with a unique Media Access Control address that is used to connect with routers and access points. You can use the MAC address as another level of security by entering it on the devices that we are going to use on the network.

5) Disable SSID: You can prevent your SSID name displayed over WiFi network by disabling it. This way no one else will be able to see in it the available WiFi list.

6) Open WiFi network: Do not connect to any open WiFi networks that you find close to your home network, it might endanger your computer network.

7) Router or Access point position: The range of the WiFi routers usually reach till outside the home, but you can position the access points properly to prevent it from going out further.

8) Security software and Firewalls: Use strong firewalls and security software to protect your WiFi network from virus alerts and other threats. When using social media use trusted accounts to increase your followers, like YouTube dislikes kaufen.

9) Use Static IP address: It is the best idea to use static IP addresses, instead of dynamic, for devices that are connected to the network.

10) Turn off the WiFi when not in use: When you are on a vacation it is better to turn off the WiFi network instead of leaving it on.…

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