A Complete Guide to Electrical Safety Around the Home

Read on to know the safety electrical tips which you should ensure around the home:

Reach: Keep all the electrical points and devices out of the reach of kids.  Kids playfully pull wires or devices which might cause sparks and fire accidents.  So keeping those at heights beyond their reach will ensure safety.

Good quality appliances:  Always buy good quality home appliances.  Poor quality ones are the major source of electrical accidents.  Also, ensure that the appliances are maintained properly.  No one cares to read the instructions given in user manuals regarding safety aspects.  Most of the unsafe practices which cause accidents are due to carelessness.  Hence take proper care right from installation.  Ensure adequate spacing around the appliances to facilitate venting.

Right fuse:  Use the appropriate fuses according to the load of the appliances.  This will help in avoiding accidents.

Periodic check:  Inspect the house periodically for electrical safety.  This is mandatory especially before the start of rains.  Livewire which is connected to rainwater which gathers in drains might pose severe life threat.  With the help of electricians get the repairs rectified without delay.

Install smoke alarm:  Electrical accidents cause immense losses to property.  Moreover, they cause high-level burn injuries and life hazards.  They might result in hitting the safety of neighbors too if not detected and prevented immediately.Install a smoke alarm in your home.  There are alarms which send automatic messages to your mobiles and cut off the power supply.   These will help the spreading of fire accidents due to electrical accidents.

Always ensure that appliances are used safely by all the family members.  Practices like touching switches with wet hands, not allowing cooling time for gadgets, keeping hot liquids over cables etc. are very risky.  Hence educate the family members on the safe practices.…

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