How to Spend More Time with Your Family

Having a kid at home makes the house complete with chaos, laughter, giggles, of course, the warmth of the cute bundle of joy. The challenges are many, but when they smile without those teeth, it makes the world a beautiful place. Encouraging them, always keep them in our attention is the most challenging task, they always are attention seeking as the mom means the world to them, they need to be constantly cuddled, played and interaction has to be 100 percent fun for them.

  • give them a toy and see how they glee at it, let them explore ways to play with it, if they keep it in the mouth or play in the wrong way, try to make sounds so that they change the way to have fun with toys, growling sound for lion, trumpet sound for the elephant makes the babies adept with sounds
  • building blocks are fun, use softer blocks so that toddlers don’t injure or swallow them, go slow, try to teach them to block by block, so that lot of time goes by in making a few blocks and the babies learn to identify colors
  • make the play area child safe, as nuclear families space is a constraint and toddlers get winds of wind when they want to explore the living area, build small corner spaces in rooms for them to go and enjoy the bright colored corners with bright colored balls to play,
  • try and repeat games, though this may sound weird kids learn with role repetition, they develop the skill to master few strokes, hide the toy and let them find it, after few days again play the same game, and you will be amazed at their competency skill to find out from the same place you hid the toy before

Though there are many games to keeps the toddlers engaged, new moms can take wonderful ideas from doodlebuckets, and every time you will thank to be a wonderful and smiling kid you have.


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