5 Tips for Living with a Big Dog in a Small Space

Pets are a great addition to any family. Whether you are a first-time dog parent or a long-time pet owner, dogs are a big responsibility. It is imperative to get your home pet ready, as well as your life. Pets are a big investment of time and money and you cannot take on the responsibility of owning a pet unless you have the resources to ensure that they will get good care.

One of the major aspects of owning a pet is their food. Dog food for Labradors, for instance, has to be bought in accordance with their needs. Labradors are big dogs, so, they will need a large amount of food, as well as food that is packed with nutrients that takes care of their coats as well as their delicate digestive system.

Have a small house?

Big dogs are also usually the friendliest. However, not all living spaces can accommodate a big dog. So, how do you deal with it? Here are the top tips:

  1. Exercise is everything. Big dogs need a lot of space to run around relax. A small apartment or house might not afford them this luxury. If you have a dog park nearby, then, take your dog and let him/her get a good run and some play time. A tired, well-exercised dog, is also well-adjusted. They are calmer and don’t get jittery in a small space.
  2. Engage Your dog indoors. Outdoor exercise is great, but that doesn’t mean you ignore your dog indoors! So, get things like chews, toys that they can gnaw on, squeaky toys, tough rubber toys.
  3. Have a routine. Dogs love routine. IF you have a fairly regular schedule this should be easy. Make sure that you take them for their walks and their exercise at the same time every day and get your cuddles in at the same time every day.
  4. Give them their own space. You might live in a small space, but dogs love to have their own space too. So, a niche, or a nook where they can lie down and nap goes a long way to help them adjust in a tiny house.
  5. Be realistic. Dogs are a little rowdy. They get enthusiastic about you coming home, and could knock down a lamp! So, be prepared for those emergencies and perhaps dog proof your home?
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