8 Ways to Improve Home’s Air Quality

Although it may seem hard to believe, air inside of your house is likely to be much dirtier than air outside of your house. Research has shown that air quality inside the house can be 1/3 or 1/5 as good as the air quality outside. Even eating delicious and healthy food everyday won’t be as effective if your air is always dirty.

The air quality inside your house likely gets even worse during winter because the windows and doors are shut in order to preserve temperature and heat, this ends up trapping pollutants and dirty stuff indoors which can seriously damage your health. The inside of your house can become extremely poisonous to your health.

Here are some easy and actionable tips you can do to keep air inside your house clean.

Although it will seem to be tempting to ignore your chores (even more so when your time is limited), it’s incredibly important to make sure the house is cleaned up on a fairly thorough basis to make sure that the air on the inside is not trapped. Using a duster as well as a good mop and cloth can be a great combo to remove any additional chemical irritants from weird areas of your house. Behind the fridge, TV and couch are great areas to look for these sorts of spots.

Using high-quality cleaning fans and products are good because they do not introduce more harmful chemicals into the indoor area of your house. Buying a vacuum cleaner with a good filter is a great first step, as it can help you vacuum and keep harmful chemicals and irritants out of your indoor air. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter as it is a better filter type to trap all the chemicals. Remember to switch out filters not to cause any over usage or oversaturation of said filter.…

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