Creative Ways to Keep Your Pet Comfy at Home

Your pets are family. You probably see them as furry little children that you would die for. Only the best stuff for them is what you have in mind, and leaving them to go to work breaks your heart every day. It’s a special connection. You want them to be happy and comfortable in your home. So check if you are doing pet parenting right?

  • Create a den: Dogs are den animals. When they are not sprawled on the floor tripping everybody, she would like a comfy and cozy bed to rest in. make sure her food and water is nearby and it’s warm enough for her liking. Don’t push her into a crate or cage because the bed doesn’t go with your furniture.
  • Choose the right things for her: Pets need their own toys and bowls. Buy separate bowls for food and water that are non-slip and wide enough to fill her feed comfortably. Select the right toys for them as well. Dogs tend to get bored and chew on the furniture. Read these chew proof dog bed reviews to find the perfect dog bed. Get them a chew toy for their liking to comfort them when you are away at work. It also cures the teething pain in puppies.

Cats on the other hand need scratching posts long enough to stretch against. They will scratch up your pricey furniture unless they have a sturdy scratching post. Both cats and dogs love to play with balls, so remember to get them some.

  • Play music for them: If you are leaving your fur babies for work, make sure to play the TV or radio at a comfortable volume at a channel that play normal music. They get distracted and frightened at noises coming from outside and the static helps block out the noise, soothing them into sleep.
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