How to Grow Your Own Herbs Inside and in the Garden

Connecting to Earth is the most wonderful thing to do. It not only helps you to relax but also helps you to realize the value of every offering that our world has given us. What is the better way there to be more close to nature in this busy world of ours than by starting your own gardening? You get to grow different kinds of plants, both flowering and non-flowering, herbs, shrubs, and other useful fruit yielding varieties as well.

So, let’s start with something that is small yet useful at times – herbs. Here are some tips on how you can grow your own herbs in your garden. However, ensure to keep your plants safe from insects using natural insecticides and from birds. Search more on how to get rid of birds Glasgow to keep your garden safe from bird attacks.

  1. Choose the different types of herbs that you want to grow. There are plenty to choose from including thyme, basil, mint, rosemary, etc. Based on this, you can buy the seeds from a nursery near you.
  2. Next, categorize the chosen herbs based on where they need to be planted. For instance, the thymes and chives need to grow under the sun whereas the parsley and the mustard varieties need to be grown in the shade.
  3. You can grow your herbs directly into the soil. However, if you lack space, use pots. Planting herbs in separate potted plants, especially if you are planning a herb garden will help you attend to the watering needs for each type of herb. Moreover, this also makes your garden to look more aesthetically beautiful. In addition, you can even label those sections of your garden for easier identification.
  4. Lastly, prune and maintain. Trimming off the edges and pruning at the right time will help the herbs to grow as a bush, thereby increasing the total volume grown.

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