The Ultimate Guide: How To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Often we think to just use a magic wand and upgrade your bedroom, but the fund’s crunch makes us use the weary and tired bedroom linen as the bedroom we have to live in. The bedroom is the abode of wellness, sleep, and dreams that form the perfect place we call home. We can create the perfect bedroom look with a small amount and not burning a hole in your purse. Simple tips to create that chic look in the bedroom is possible

  • rearrange the bed, so that you are not used to the same place forever, create space between the window and the bed, with a book beneath that doubles up as a reading corner for those rainy evenings
  • artwork adorns most of our bedroom, take off the old and replace with new and abstract designs that adds more mystery into the room, rearrange the artwork often to create different ambiance,
  • pick up DIY frames, from dollar stores and create hues with paint from luxtime color up the walls of the bedroom to be more innovative and saves money in painting the walls often
  • add greenery into space where you spend a lot of time, small pots of the oxygen producing plants can be kept to refresh and keep the bedroom fresh with greenery soothing to the eyes
  • patterned wallpaper, printed floral and asymmetrical motif adds color to the bedroom and enhances the space factor that is getting reduced with a modern living space crunch
  • keep the wardrobe minimal and dresser within the wardrobe to save space and keep it beyond the public view to create more sense of space
  • Keep the furniture wall mounted to give more space into the bedroom; the books can be stacked in a small shelf placed in form of steps to give an elegant look.
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