The Ultimate Guide to Cat Proofing Your Home in 2018

If you are planning to bring a cat home, it is best if you could take some time out to think about ways to cat proof the house in order to avoid any kind of accidents in the house for the new pet.  And also it will help in keeping your belongings safe.  You can prepare your cat’s arrival by taking a look at the best cat beds 2018 which will help in taking a decision regarding the cat’s comfort at home.

Things to take care

Washing machines and dryers- This is one of the common accidents happening for cats and is often fatal.  Few minutes in these machines will cause severe injuries including thermal burns, heart stroke, pulmonary contusions, bruising, head trauma and aspiration pneumonia.  Before every use, do check the appliances thoroughly.

Electrical cords, blind and drapery– The cat would assume that these are toys that they can play with. Unfortunately, when the cats get tangled in cords, they end up panicking.  There are many cats who have caught up in these things have damaged their limbs and also have strangled themselves.  The electrical cords, in particular, are very much attracted to cats but it comes with the risk of electrocution. You should hide all the cords behind the furniture or under the rugs.

Sofas and curtains Both of these are great for climbing and also they scratch them.  These two are cat’s natural behavior.  Make sure that the cat has been allocated a scratching area where he is allowed to do so if you want to discourage the cat from using the sofas or curtains.

Small household items- Cats love to play with rubber bands. Other items like drawing pins, paper clips also seem fun for them but those can cause serious injury to the case if they swallow it. Hence you need to keep them out of their reach.

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