Top 5 Home Security Tips to Protect Your Family

It was an interactive session meant to be for the benefit of the neighborhood. This was an initiative that our company had taken to bring everyone to understand how proactive each one in the area must be to prevent burglaries from happening.

I was amazed at the wonderful turnout and was glad that people responded positively to everything that my team from house alarms Glasgow were saying. We had a small talk before we broke for refreshments and then closely followed by a PowerPoint presentation by us and then we took the questions from the residents.

The talk was on the security tips to protect family members:

To begin with, we first outlined that the idea of setting up an alarm system in the house was to protect the family members and their valuables in that order. The motive of a good alarm system should be too, first of all, delay the entry of the intruders. By any chance, if they have been able to break in then the alarm should be able to not only go off immediately but also be proactively connected to various other systems. For instance, the latest one on offer is the alarm that directly dials 911 and once the connection is established radio transmits a stored message that warns that a burglar has broken in and provides the address via GPS settings.

Keeping the entrance and exit point limited, neat and tidy:

B limiting access points to the house property, you ensure that you have less area for surveillance. Also, keeping the outhouses and sheds empty of trash will make sure that it is not used as a hideout by the criminals who surface out in the dead of the night.

Tall grass and dense bushes are a no-no while fencing is definitely recommended. The fence needs to be connected with the alarm system so that if anyone is up to any mischief, the family members are warned immediately.

We had so many questions from the audience that finally we had to extend it by an hour. It was heartening to see such good participation – all for the love of family!

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